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C.O.O.L. Christ Over Our LivesTM TALK


Welcome to C.O.O.L. -- a group of young people who try to live the philosophy of Christ Over Our Lives.   They are not perfect... no one is!  But, they try to live a lifestyle that would please God, and then they try to learn a little bit more each day about what might get them closer to God and how He thinks.  So they come to C.O.O.L. Christ Over Our LivesTM meetings and they listen to speakers on complex and sometimes difficult topics.

The pages we've included here are a summary of some of those C.O.O.L. Christ Over Our LivesTM talks.  These talks have one addition... you get to agree or disagree with what the speaker is saying.  As you vote, you will be able to see what other visitors to our site have voted also.

Some of the sections are longer than others, so please be patient and let them download.  We hope you enjoy them all.  Please email us and tell us what you think.

We REALLY want to know what other topics you would like us to present at future C.O.O.L. Christ Over Our LivesTM meetings. Email us with suggestions!  We promise we will answer all emails!

God bless you!!

The Got Game 2 Staff


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