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Online Soap Opera
The Got Game 2 Online Soap Opera gives you an opportunity to experience parts of Got Game2™ over the Internet.  You can play the full Internet version of Got Game 2™ here

We have finished posting new segments of our Soap Opera for the time being, but we encourage you to go through the archives and view the episodes.

When we have new episodes ready to put up here, you will be able to vote online when key life decisions are made by our main character, Rose. She will go where you tell her to go. Just stay in touch and help her to decide.  By the way, when you vote... you will be able to see how others have voted too!!!  We will be posting all voting results in our archive and know our visitors will enjoy the participation in Rose's life choices and decisions.

We hope to see you soon and often on our website!

Click here to see archived episodes

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